Cleveland Public Square

Southern Aquatics Inc. recently finished an interactive fountain in Cleveland Public Square, Cleveland Ohio.

The need for the newly renovated square stemmed in part by the Republican National Convention, which was held just steps away on July 18. Also the city has been making efforts to improve parks throughout, resulting in Cleveland being more inviting and enjoyable for its residents.

Prior to the Republican Convention in July, which proved to be a tumultuous and a historical event (Featured below), there was a grand opening event at the end of June.

RNC Public Square2

Cleveland Public Square, During Republican National Convention


During the opening ceremony, construction and contributing personal were graciously thanked for their efforts, along with several private and public donors that made the $53 million project possible. The event consisted of the Shaw High School Marching Band, Cleveland Caviler Cheerleaders, street performers, children playing in the fountain, other live music, and a collection of onlookers enjoying the festivities.

Band Pic

Grand Opening of Cleveland Public Square, Shaw Marching Band in Background













Street Performer 3

Cleveland Public Square, Street Performer


Anthony Coyne, chairman of the nonprofit, city-county Group Plan Commission, which oversaw the project, and spoke at the event, says this is just an introduction to future events and city activities that they have planed for the Public Square.

Coyne also said, “People are going to love the square and will enjoy seeing it connected.”

kid pic2

Interactive Fountains

Interactive fountains are loaded with the latest technology and have quickly become one of our most requested fountains. These water features literally come to life and bring laughter and joy to those who are around. Perfect for summer installments, visitors, and children everywhere, interactive fountains will bring delight to any person.

However, interactive fountains include complex technological components, precision construction and finely crafted designs. All these operations must be expertly coordinated to ensure an efficient, delay-free fountain installation. Most of all, operating an interactive fountain should be handled by trained and experienced professionals.


We value safety and do so by ensuring that every rule and regulation needed to build an interactive fountain is understood, executed and reviewed. We understand that any improper construction or operation expose other to risk, project delays and even the spread of waterborne illnesses.

Southern Aquatics INC., has years of experience building fountains all over the country and are familiar with these guidelines nationwide. In order to protect your visitors as well as your investment, we have included some important things to know for the construction and operation of an interactive fountain.



We’ve built a lot of fountains in the past 10 years in business and are now a trusted name in aquatic fixtures. Here are some pointers on how to properly manage and maintain an interactive fountain for your visitor’s safety and enjoyment. First and foremost, ensure your fountain is built by experienced craftsmen who have a reputation in installing parts, construction, maintenance and operation. A properly built fountain will be free from pools of water which may cause trips, slips, or fall hazards. In the event any parts of a fountain fail or malfunction, postpone public use immediately until repairs can be made.

Part of building a safe interactive fountain having an effective splash zone. Depending on the size of the fountain, every splash zone will be sloped appropriately to ensure only water from the fountain flows back to the reservoir to be recycled. Any water features in the surrounding areas should be sloped away from all collecting drains. Because splash zones recycle fountain water, the immediate area surrounding the splash zones should be free of plants and vegetation.

Slips and falls around and interactive fountain are an easily avoided injury that can be almost eliminated by precautionary measures. Non-slip decking is an essential detail to protect every spectator and should extend over the entire spray pad which should be in regulation with state laws. The safest decks are made from a uniform and easily cleaned material. The deck should also be cut out resistant and anti-mold coated.

Interactive pumps use efficient recirculation pumps to gather and propel water. The pumps also push the reclaimed water through disinfection and filtration systems. If any issues occur with the recirculation pump it is extremely important to discontinue public access until the necessary repairs are made. It is also very important for visitors of your interactive fountain to understand that the recirculated water is not safe to drink. We recommend posting a sign near the fountain so that visitors are aware.

These quick and helpful guidelines should help you get started on making your interactive fountain a safer, more enjoyable attraction. At Southern Aquatics, we take pride in our annual employee training, which certifies all of our employees in keeping your fountain safe and running. All equipment operators have the necessary certifications to guarantee proper installation, and all of our supervisors are OSHA certified. It is our goal to always stay educated on the latest safety regulations.

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Commercial Fountains

There are many influential traits that make a particular object memorable: beauty, uniqueness, and environmental friendliness are good examples. It is rare and difficult to find these traits together in one package. However, it might come as a surprise to discover that commercial fountains feature all three of these powerful traits.

Taken at face value, commercial fountains are custom designed water features typically built on a larger scale than many residential fountains found in homes and other private properties. Being that commercial fountains serve more than one purpose, they tend to be complex works of functional art.

A commercial water feature is a great way to add personality and grandeur to your indoor or outdoor space with a limitless amount of creative options. Over the last 10 years Southern Aquatics has constructed over a hundred commercial water features all over the United States.

When selecting a company to build or install your fountain, look for a company that focuses on details and a has great workmanship. Our team specializes in design and construction so we are able to build virtually any fountain you could dream of, in any location. Contact us today to talk to one of our professional staff.



A company’s image is extremely important to maintain. However, an image is not only kept by maintaining things visually pleasing. Image is promoted through social, environmental and ethical responsibilities. Outdoor commercial fountains are an inviting addition to any space and develop your company’s image on all levels.

Our custom water features are environmentally and socially responsible because they maintain a lake’s ecosystem healthy. Add the fact that commercial fountains are beautiful and can transform your business into a local landmark and commercial fountains are essential to any business that want to make a statement.

Many people do not understand the storytelling and branding capabilities a custom outdoor fountain can provide. Imagine an interactive fountains gathering a crowd, or a sophisticated light and music shows, for couples and family to enjoy. At SAI Inc, we have the tools and experience to create the perfect custom water feature for you.



Indoor fountains are always sure to please and always draw a crowd. They are fun, unique and healthy to run indoors. Indoor fountains are great because they mean many things to many people. For some individuals indoor fountains are used to make a wish, others take advantage of the view to snap a picture and others just enjoy the show.

Indoor fountains also have some some less known benefits: they clean the air, lower an area’s temperature and draw more crowds. Whatever the use, indoor fountains are a powerful tool for creating and maintaining interest and aesthetic appeal.

Make sure to visit our gallery and see examples from our fountains.

Ellis Square Fountain

Ellis Square came alive with a rainbow of colorful streams of water shooting up from its interactive fountain.

Construction supervisors Wednesday night began tests on the fountain, which brings them another step closer to finishing an almost four-year project that returns one of the city’s first squares to public use.

The fountain, situated close to the City Market side of the square, consists of 34 water jets and lights embedded in a concrete plaza.

Computers control the lights, which can be set on one color – say, green for St. Patrick’s Day – or a dazzling array of hues.

“Those lights will make up to 16 million colors, that’s what they tell me,” said Brad Riner of Dabbs-Williams General Contractors of Statesboro. “(They) can do any color in the color spectrum.”

The water jets work in unison or independently to shoot 10-foot sprays, create balls of water or just burble a few inches from the ground. Water and lights also can be programmed to music.

“This is a true interactive fountain,” said Dan Smirl, owner of DMS Construction of Savannah and construction manager for the Ellis Square project. “It’s a focal point, it really is. I can’t wait to see it when the little kids get down in the water.”

The fountain cost $440,000, almost $100,000 less than originally projected, Smirl said.

Some concrete work, final walkways and laying of sod are the last jobs left on the Ellis project. Freezing weather in recent weeks has delayed concrete work, but the project is on target for completion by the end of the month.

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Interactive Fountains

What could be better than a beautiful, well designed fountain? Being able to play in it, of course. This is precisely what interactive fountains are. A fountain that is designed to “interact” with its’ visitors.


Interactive fountains can be as simple as a few jets ramping up and down to a complex program that controls numerous lights and jets dancing to music. Southern Aquatics, Inc. has had the pleasure of building many of these features and it never ceases to amaze us how many people it attracts. Even malls and shopping centers have begun adding these to their landscape packages to increase traffic to their stores.

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