Southern Aquatics Inc. recently finished an interactive fountain in Cleveland Public Square, Cleveland Ohio.

The need for the newly renovated square stemmed in part by the Republican National Convention, which was held just steps away on July 18. Also the city has been making efforts to improve parks throughout, resulting in Cleveland being more inviting and enjoyable for its residents.

Prior to the Republican Convention in July, which proved to be a tumultuous and a historical event (Featured below), there was a grand opening event at the end of June.

During the opening ceremony, construction and contributing personal were graciously thanked for their efforts, along with several private and public donors that made the $53 million project possible. The event consisted of the Shaw High School Marching Band, Cleveland Caviler Cheerleaders, street performers, children playing in the fountain, other live music, and a collection of onlookers enjoying the festivities.

Anthony Coyne, chairman of the nonprofit, city-county Group Plan Commission, which oversaw the project, and spoke at the event, says this is just an introduction to future events and city activities that they have planed for the Public Square.

Coyne also said, “People are going to love the square and will enjoy seeing it connected.”