Here at SAI Fountains we provide complete service work for every client from the start of a project and beyond. Our industry leading fountain designs and intelligent budget planning put our clients at ease. We know our client’s time is valuable, so we’ll never start a project until we have provided our clients with clear expectations of cost and time.

Custom lighting:
For over 10 years we have created a reputation of excellency, and earned a reputation of quality. With our cutting edge lighting technologies we are able to transform a beautiful fountain into a memorable landmark.

SAI Fountains works with the Nation’s top fountain technology providers to build industry leading, cutting edge interactive fountains. Our fountains can interact with bystanders, sway to the sound of music and even change colors. Our programmable fountains allow our clients to customize the fountain any way they choose.


Proven track record
SAI Fountains has constructed over a hundred commercial water features all over the United States. Our strong focus on quality workmanship, professionalism and teamwork has made us a trusted authority in the industry.

Turnkey installation:
We believe in keeping things simple and easy. That is why we offer Turnkey construction for our fountains. We’ll take care of all the grunt work and let you enjoy the fruits of your new fountain. We take care of the installation, the subcontractors and all the materials, so you don’t have to worry.

Quality parts:
We work with exclusively with the industries top materials to provide you the best, long lasting fountains. We also make sure to maintain your fountain with the same, top quality components and parts so you can rest assured you are getting the you had since day one.


Certified staff:
SAI Fountains spends countless hours each year training and certifying all our employees in the latest safety regulations and codes. Also, all our equipment operators have the necessary certifications and all our supervisors are OSHA certified. –

Commitment to excellence: We always set the right expectation and has made us a trusted name for over 10 years. Contact us today for more information, questions or comments.