Ohio National Veteran’s Memorial Monument

Moore Square Park

Southern Aquatics will begin construction on an interactive fountain located in Moore Square Park.

counts studio moore square master plan civic plaza with water jets rendering

Moore Square Park is located in the historic capital of North Carolina, Raleigh. The park improvements include a new central lawn, planted areas, pedestrian walkways and gathering spaces, sidewalk improvements, site lighting and furnishings, a play area, integrated public art, and a jet-field water feature.

counts studio moore square master plan vision axon proposed model rendered image-crop-u194350

Moore Square is 220-year old public space established as one of the five original squares planned by William Christmas in 1792. The new 4-acre design hopes to integrate the past and the future of this great city.


Moore Square Park is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2019. A main feature will be the civic gathering place, which will serve to host concerts and community events. And of course an interactive water feature for its many visitors to enjoy and cool off.

Cleveland Public Square

Southern Aquatics Inc. recently finished an interactive fountain in Cleveland Public Square, Cleveland Ohio.

The need for the newly renovated square stemmed in part by the Republican National Convention, which was held just steps away on July 18. Also the city has been making efforts to improve parks throughout, resulting in Cleveland being more inviting and enjoyable for its residents.

Prior to the Republican Convention in July, which proved to be a tumultuous and a historical event (Featured below), there was a grand opening event at the end of June.

RNC Public Square2

Cleveland Public Square, During Republican National Convention


During the opening ceremony, construction and contributing personal were graciously thanked for their efforts, along with several private and public donors that made the $53 million project possible. The event consisted of the Shaw High School Marching Band, Cleveland Caviler Cheerleaders, street performers, children playing in the fountain, other live music, and a collection of onlookers enjoying the festivities.

Band Pic

Grand Opening of Cleveland Public Square, Shaw Marching Band in Background













Street Performer 3

Cleveland Public Square, Street Performer


Anthony Coyne, chairman of the nonprofit, city-county Group Plan Commission, which oversaw the project, and spoke at the event, says this is just an introduction to future events and city activities that they have planed for the Public Square.

Coyne also said, “People are going to love the square and will enjoy seeing it connected.”

kid pic2

Park Van Ness Fountain Project in Washington D.C.

Southern Aquatics Inc is near the completion of project Park Van Ness in Washington D.C.


Park Van Ness is a 271-unit residential project with approximately 9,000 square feet of street-level retail, below street-level structured parking, and amenities including a community room, landscaped courtyards, a fitness room and a rooftop pool and deck.


Park Van Ness’s courtyard consists of two large architectural fountains constructed by Southern Aquatics, Inc accompanied by two large art fixtures with a patina effect anchored above creating a dramatic entry point to the complex.


Each black granite fountain has 2 jets, and16 bronze spout details creating the effect seen in the picture. The lighting consists of all LED white light, 6 free standing lights, and 10 niche lights in each fountain. Lining the inside of the fountain is 1 by 1 inch black tile to compliment the classic look of dark granite and white light.


The General Contractor for the entire complex was Clark Construction LLC. With the Park Van Ness turn-key fountains almost complete we would like to thank Clark and Park Van Ness for the opportunity to come together on this amazing project.

Fort Benning Gateway

The Fort Benning Gateway in Columbus, Ga., was designed to honor the men and women serving at one of the largest military facilities in the nation, including members of the infantry, who have called Fort Benning their home since 1940, as well as the U.S. Army Armor School, which has been located at the base since 2010.

The project sits at the entrance to the base and the design draws extensively from military thematic elements, including replicas of famous statues. Honoring the infantry is an 8-ft-tall bronze replica of the “Follow Me” statue—depicting Iron Mike charging forward.

Also standing 8 ft tall, the 10,000-lb replica of Frederick Remington’s “Trooper of the Plains” salutes the U.S. Army Armor School. Sculpted out of bronze in Colorado, both statues were placed atop 50-ft-tall precast towers comprised of four columns and precast concrete banding.

As visitors exit Fort Benning, they are bid farewell by a pair of 8-ft-tall bald eagles, also sculpted of bronze.

The project was constructed within the interchange of Victory Drive and Interstate 185, and included a bridge enhancement and corresponding landscaping. Architectural elements were included to hide the existing bridges while four precast towers were located at each corner of the bridge.

Construction within the 56-acre project also included two grand fountain plazas that stretch along each side of the highway. The plazas feature 20 fountains that shoot water 20 ft into the air, surrounded by 20 illuminated American flags.

Despite being the largest project ever to be constructed over a major freeway in Georgia, crews never required traffic to stop completely throughout the duration of construction. Extensive traffic and safety planning guided the project to completion without a single injury or incident to any of the project’s workers or to the thousands of motorists passing by every day.

Crews even placed four heavy precast spandrel beams while a pace car slowed traffic just enough so installers could secure the beams before traffic was released back to full speed.

Washington Harbour Fountain

The new fountains at the Washington Harbour complex started flowing over Labor Day weekend. The renovated water feature will only flow until Oct. 1 this year to allow for construction of the ice rink in time for the winter season.

In addition to center fountain jets that can reach up to 65 feet, the new fountain design also features shows with lights and music.
According to Joshua Lynsen, a representative for the Washington Harbour, the hours are as follows:

“Fountain shows start at 5 p.m. and occur every 30 minutes until 10 p.m. Shows can also be seen throughout the day on the hour from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Shows done during the work week are done without music. Fountain shows last anywhere from five to 10 minutes and typically feature two songs.”

The fountains will run again in the spring, most likely in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival and next season they will run through mid-October. According to Lynsen,

“The fountain designs were a collaborative effort. The lower plaza renovation was done by Gensler, while Crystal Fountains designed the fountains, H2O Arts handled the programming and Southern Aquatics designed and built the infrastructure.”

In addition to the updated fountains and the incoming ice rink, the waterfront’s renovation also included updated restaurants for Tony & Joe’s and Nick’s Riverside Grill. Farmers Fishers Bakers should be coming online later this year.

Ellis Square Fountain

Ellis Square came alive with a rainbow of colorful streams of water shooting up from its interactive fountain.

Construction supervisors Wednesday night began tests on the fountain, which brings them another step closer to finishing an almost four-year project that returns one of the city’s first squares to public use.

The fountain, situated close to the City Market side of the square, consists of 34 water jets and lights embedded in a concrete plaza.

Computers control the lights, which can be set on one color – say, green for St. Patrick’s Day – or a dazzling array of hues.

“Those lights will make up to 16 million colors, that’s what they tell me,” said Brad Riner of Dabbs-Williams General Contractors of Statesboro. “(They) can do any color in the color spectrum.”

The water jets work in unison or independently to shoot 10-foot sprays, create balls of water or just burble a few inches from the ground. Water and lights also can be programmed to music.

“This is a true interactive fountain,” said Dan Smirl, owner of DMS Construction of Savannah and construction manager for the Ellis Square project. “It’s a focal point, it really is. I can’t wait to see it when the little kids get down in the water.”

The fountain cost $440,000, almost $100,000 less than originally projected, Smirl said.

Some concrete work, final walkways and laying of sod are the last jobs left on the Ellis project. Freezing weather in recent weeks has delayed concrete work, but the project is on target for completion by the end of the month.

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