Ohio National Veteran’s Memorial Monument

Moore Square Park

Southern Aquatics will begin construction on an interactive fountain located in Moore Square Park.

counts studio moore square master plan civic plaza with water jets rendering

Moore Square Park is located in the historic capital of North Carolina, Raleigh. The park improvements include a new central lawn, planted areas, pedestrian walkways and gathering spaces, sidewalk improvements, site lighting and furnishings, a play area, integrated public art, and a jet-field water feature.

counts studio moore square master plan vision axon proposed model rendered image-crop-u194350

Moore Square is 220-year old public space established as one of the five original squares planned by William Christmas in 1792. The new 4-acre design hopes to integrate the past and the future of this great city.


Moore Square Park is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2019. A main feature will be the civic gathering place, which will serve to host concerts and community events. And of course an interactive water feature for its many visitors to enjoy and cool off.

Scioto Peninsula Park and Garage Construction Underway

Construction is still underway as Southern Aquatics works hard to create a beautiful fountain for the new Scioto Peninsula Park and Garage, located in Columbus, OH.



The park will have beautiful themed gardens including a plaza, an area for children to play and a large-scale fountain. This can be seen in the renderings below.

The park is in front of top-rated science museum, Center of Science and Industry (COSI). It is adjacent to Veteran’s Memorial Museum, which also includes another fountain constructed by Southern Aquatics.


This will be a welcomed public space to add to COSI, and the over all Scioto Peninsula Plan. The Scioto Peninsula Plan is a huge undertaking to improve upon the neighborhood with additional cultural, residential, office and retail space.

Corna Kokosing is serving as the general contractor for Scioto Peninsula Park and Garage, and MKSK is serving as the architect. The estimated completion will be sometime in late fall.

Southern Aquatics is honored to be included on this innovative and impressive project, and we can’t wait to reveal the end product. Stay Tuned!

Cleveland Public Square

Southern Aquatics Inc. recently finished an interactive fountain in Cleveland Public Square, Cleveland Ohio.

The need for the newly renovated square stemmed in part by the Republican National Convention, which was held just steps away on July 18. Also the city has been making efforts to improve parks throughout, resulting in Cleveland being more inviting and enjoyable for its residents.

Prior to the Republican Convention in July, which proved to be a tumultuous and a historical event (Featured below), there was a grand opening event at the end of June.

RNC Public Square2

Cleveland Public Square, During Republican National Convention


During the opening ceremony, construction and contributing personal were graciously thanked for their efforts, along with several private and public donors that made the $53 million project possible. The event consisted of the Shaw High School Marching Band, Cleveland Caviler Cheerleaders, street performers, children playing in the fountain, other live music, and a collection of onlookers enjoying the festivities.

Band Pic

Grand Opening of Cleveland Public Square, Shaw Marching Band in Background













Street Performer 3

Cleveland Public Square, Street Performer


Anthony Coyne, chairman of the nonprofit, city-county Group Plan Commission, which oversaw the project, and spoke at the event, says this is just an introduction to future events and city activities that they have planed for the Public Square.

Coyne also said, “People are going to love the square and will enjoy seeing it connected.”

kid pic2